OC 500 LE.
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OC 500 LE.

One base. Many possibilities.

The combination of low-floor concept in the front part of the vehicle and raised-floor engineering at the rear makes it necessary to raise the level of the vehicle floor after the second entrance. The OC 500 LE allows you almost complete freedom in how you bridge the height difference between the two areas. This is another example of its exceptional flexibility. 



Driving culture is of great importance at Mercedes-Benz. The OC 500 LE provides you with an excellent basis for low-entry constructions which impress both driver and passengers alike.

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Economy & Technology

Economy & Technology.

Low operating and maintenance costs are a convincing argument for a bus operator. With the OC 500 LE you lay the foundation for uncompromising economy.

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Responsibility and commitment. That's why we at Mercedes-Benz pursue the vision of accident-free driving with the integral safety concept.

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The driver's workstation in the OC 500 LE is fully functional and can easily be adapted to your specific requirements.

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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures.

There are chassis. And then there are Mercedes-Benz chassis. In today's fiercely competitive market, it's the star that makes all the difference.

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