Financial services


Classic leasing is the preferred alternative to financing or cash purchases when the priorities are retaining liquidity, tax benefits or having a fleet with the newest models. Since you only pay for the use of the bus based on your individually pre-agreed mileage, monthly payments are pleasingly low and furthermore fully tax-deductible. And at the end of the contractual period you simply give back your bus – at the contractually guaranteed residual value.

Benefits for you.

  • Low monthly payments
  • Contractual period and mileage can be individually determined
  • Tax-deductible lease payments
  • Guaranteed trade-in value at end of the contractual period
  • GAP insurance* included free of charge

The Mercedes-Benz Bank Group municipal lease option allows public entities such as city or municipal transport authorities to benefit from the advantages of leasing. Individually tailored lease agreements are the perfect way to keep costs manageable, particularly when covering short-term transit needs or preparing to change over to an electric transit solution. Thanks to customised terms and low monthly instalments, you can remain flexible at all times while your fleet is always up to date.

Benefits for you.

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Top-level planning security with a high degree of flexibility
  • Modern, economically-efficient fleet
  • Noticeable reduction in burden on public budget
  • GAP insurance* included free of charge

Find your local Mercedes-Benz Bank Group leasing and financing advisor for your personal consultation.

*Protects you financially against total loss and theft. In addition to paying you the replacement value, we also cover any difference between the balance of the lease agreement and the vehicle insurance policy reimbursement amount.
To be eligible for GAP insurance, fully-comprehensive coverage is required.