Become Eco Champ 2018.
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Become Eco Champ 2018.

Set a fuel-saving record and win a Mercedes-Benz mountain bike. With the new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo.

Show how economically you can drive your new Tourismo. You must have already covered at least 3000 km.

Enter your participation details on the registration form below. Don't forget to indicate which Mercedes-Benz Tourismo you are driving.

Take a photo confirming your fuel-saving achievement, become a 2018 Eco Champ and win a Mercedes-Benz mountain bike.


Three things must be visible:

1. The chassis number to identify your Mercedes-Benz Tourismo

2. The steering wheel at least up to the centre, showing the Mercedes-Benz star as brand identification

3. The display showing the kilometres driven (min. 3000 km) and the absolute fuel consumption

Your prize: A Mercedes fuelled by you yourself. Win yourself high-tech on two wheels. The mountain bike exclusively produced for Mercedes-Benz thrills with its extra-light carbon-fibre frame, 22 finely graduated gears and precisely metered disc brakes.

There are four mountain bikes to be won – one each for the winners in the Tourismo, Tourismo M/2, Tourismo M/3 and Tourismo L categories.

Your task: Set a fuel economy record with the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo.The latest technology makes it easy for you to keep the fuel consumption of the Tourismo low. Show that you're a real champ at doing this, and compete with your colleagues from all over Europe. When you have already driven at least 3000 kilometres, document your absolute fuel consumption with a photo.

Then send the confirming photo of the onboard computer including the chassis number to us with the registration form. When scores are even, the contestant who has covered the longest total distance wins. Don't be late: the deadline for entry is 25/11/2018.

Vehicle driven:*

Important notes for contestants

To take part in the Mercedes-Benz Eco Champ 2018, you need the registration form and the confirmation photo taken in the cockpit of your Mercedes-Benz Tourismo. The photo must show the onboard computer (number of kilometres driven and the average consumption as an absolute figure in l/100km), the tachograph (chassis number) and steering wheel with Mercedes-Benz star. Our reference photo below shows what your photo must look like. Unclear photos or photos with missing or illegible data cannot be considered for the competition. Please make sure that the figures are readable when you zoom in for your photo. Don’t be late: the deadline for entry is 25.11.2018.

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The organiser of the competition is EvoBus GmbH.